Trust your Gut

We are all about empowering people with chronic illnesses. Pushing yourself is good, great even! But, pushing yourself too hard will set you back, cause pain, and will undoubtedly cause emotional turmoil…

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Diabetes Blog Week! The Blame Game

PROMPT: "Having diabetes often makes a visit to the doctor a dreaded experience, as there is invariably bad news of one kind or another.  And sometimes the way the doctor talks to you can leave you feeling like you’re at fault.  Or maybe you have a fantastic healthcare team, but have experienced blame and judgement from someone else in your life

Diabetes Blog Week! Wild Card

WILD CARD PROMPT: "Whether you or your loved one are newly diagnosed or have been dealing with diabetes for a while, you probably realize that things can (and will) go wrong.  But sometimes the things that go wrong aren’t stressful - instead sometimes they are downright funny!  Go ahead and share your Diabetes Blooper - your “I can’t believe I did that" moment - your big “D-oh” - and let’s all have a good laugh together!!"

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Diabetes Blog Week! Type A + Type One; 10 Mantras for Balance

PROMPT: "Diabetes can sometimes seem to play by a rulebook that makes no sense, tossing out unexpected challenges at random.  What are your best tips for being prepared when the unexpected happens?  Or, take this topic another way and tell us about some good things diabetes has brought into your, or your loved one’s, life that you never could have expected?"

I am SUPERWOMAN, but I am not Invincible

I am not invincible. I learned this on March 13th, 2012. 

Prior to that point, I was invincible. Yeah, I had type one diabetes, but I didn't experience things I heard other diabetics talking about. I had never been hospitalized, never had a seizure...

5 Reasons we Love Thrive Market

At Chronically Healthy, we are fundamentally against a world where you have to be able to spend copious amounts of money in order to feed your family foods that you feel good about...

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Let's Talk About "Milk"

We’ve been fed these statements for years, being conditioned to believe that that white, creamy liquid we use on cereal, in coffee, drink plain, and bake with is the gold standard of health...

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Cathy Hartung: Spotlight

Initially I didn’t fit in either the type 1 or type 2 diabetes category. I was an adult who developed type 1 diabetes. I actually made some insulin but not enough...

Azure Wolfe: Spotlight

Part of the new Chronically Healthy is highlighting amazing, awesome, wonderful people with chronic illnesses. The following was written by Azure Wolfe, one of our friends...

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How to Eat Grains (Mindfully)

There’s been a lot of debate lately about whether or not grains are good for us, given our current food system. Regardless of your stance, there’s no denying their...

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