Gym Anxiety?


When you're feeling less than confident about your athletic abilities, wearing an assortment of medical devices, or you haven't hit the gym in a while, public workouts can be scary.

"Is she looking at me?"

"Why can't I run as fast as them?"

"Wow, look at that butt. Mine will never be that nice."

"Can everyone else tell how bad my knee is hurting right now?

Do I look as out of shape as I feel?"

Regardless of what's holding you back from working out in front of others, you gotta let it go. I get it. I've felt that anxiety before walking into a gym, anxiety that was occasionally crippling enough for me to turn around and go home. Then you beat yourself up for being anxious, and although kickboxing might be a great work-out, emotionally kickboxing your own self-worth does not count towards your daily activity goal. 

We do recommend working through fears and facing them, but we also emphasize the importance of daily movement. Until you can muster up the courage to run, jump, down dog, lift, spin, squat, and whatever else in front of others, here are some resources for getting your sweat on at home. 


1. Grokker

Grokker is easily our favorite resource for at-home work-outs. They have a massive amount of content varying in length and topic. The website tracks your progress, has options for different series and challenges you can join, and allows you to customize your feed so that you only see videos that will be of interest to you. The kickboxing, pilates, and yoga classes are great!

Click the picture below to get two free weeks to try it out!

Get Two Weeks of Free Yoga and Fitness Classes

2. Do Yoga with Me

Do Yoga with Me is an online collection of free yoga videos. You can search by level and type of yoga. The website has places to make donations if you please, but it is not required. Hip Flexor Heaven and Morning Wake-Up and Move! are two of our favorites. 


3. Youtube

You will have to dig around a bit more, but Youtube is filled with exercise videos, especially Zumba! One issue... Ever heard of the mythical, bottomless abyss that is the "Youtube Trap"? If not, it's when you get sucked in by clicking recommended videos and then you look up and realize two days have passed. When you're going in for a quick workout and end up laying in front of your computer clicking around for hours, it's a bit counterproductive. If you are immune to the Youtube trap, then carry on! P.S. Subscribe to the Chronically Healthy Youtube channel while you're at it! 


Do what works for you. If the gym is not it, gain your confidence somewhere else and then eventually get there. Or exercise outdoors. Do what makes you happy!

If other people's opinions are what is holding you back from public work-outs, here's a truth bomb. Those other people that you think are judging you- they could not care less about what you are doing. They are there working on themselves, just like you are. 

Start slow. If you're new to working out or just getting back into it, try some beginners videos before jumping full force into intermediate and advanced levels. Build a strong, solid foundation and advance from there.

Do you struggle with exercise related anxiety? Let us know your favorite way to combat it in the comments!

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