Trust your Gut


Today, a grill made me cry. But we'll get to that in a second...

It is overwhelmingly difficult to write a post about knowing your limits. I want to shout "YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!" from the rooftops, but sometimes that isn't realistic. We are all about empowering people with chronic illnesses. We want you to feel happy and strong, and know that you are more than your diagnosis. With that being said, we also want you to know your limits. Pushing yourself is good, great even! But, pushing yourself too hard will set you back, cause pain, and will undoubtedly cause emotional turmoil.

Today I was unloading a grill for my new backyard. I knew it was not going to be good for me to lift 150 pounds from a truck bed that was four feet off the ground. I knew it, and I still did it. I was not completing this task alone, but I still had unrelenting feeling in my gut that something bad was going to happen. I expressed my concerns, but not audibly enough to be heard, or to be taken seriously.

As the grill started to tip towards me, I felt an intense, warm pain in my wrist. Overwhelming feelings of embarrassment, anger, and resentment crept over me, feelings worse than any of the physical pain I was experiencing. I thought to myself, "I am in remission, I should be able to do this!".

I spent so many years being limited by Rheumatoid Arthritis. The pain, inflammation, and my weak joints prevented me from participating in countless events, activities, and even household chores. Remission freed me, and most importantly, allowed me to feel like a "normal" person again. 

As easy as it is to get caught up in that feeling of, "I DID IT! I AM IN REMISSION!", we still must always know our limits. Focus on what you can do, but never push yourself if you're feeling iffy about it. My swollen wrist, ugly-crying, and negative self-talk could have been completely avoided, if I had just trusted my gut. 


Check these out :)

Check these out :)

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