The other night I felt like I was going to crawl out of my skin, and I couldn’t immediately distract myself with the internet (no wifi). Luckily I had downloaded a podcast, so I half listened to the voices and took out a notebook. Since freehand drawing can make me feel self-conscious and in-my-head (I’m a graphic designer), without thinking I just drew a continuous line that moved all around the page. I tried to feel each edge and curve and just go with it. I was able to zone out for a little bit of time.


The next day I pulled out that notebook to write something down, and I actually looked at what I drew. It was kind of fun I decided (a lot of times I cringe when I look at some of my doodles). But this one somehow just made me happy. It was free and twisty. I looked at it and thought… anxiety. Anxie-Tee! Yay puns. Wait though, this actually would be fun on a shirt. So… I turned it into a digital file and ordered that shirt for myself.


Anyone else want to try this? If you post your drawing, tag us @chronicallyhealthy!

I’ve been asking other people to see their drawings and I’m loving it. We can even turn your drawing into a shirt if you like… check out our merch. Hopefully my shirt will be a reminder to take a minute to reset when I feel out of whack.

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