T1D Service Dog Etiquette

My name is Lisa, and I’m a mama of a type 1 diabetic 4-year-old, James. James has a 2-year-old brother, and we also have a service dog, Honey Waffles. Honey has an incredibly important job, that she has spent her whole life training for… 

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May Favorites

I am constantly trying new things, both as a health coach and as someone with chronic illnesses. I love finding new tools, apps, and items that will make my life easier. Yeah, I know, minimalism is great, and happiness isn't based on things. But, when something makes my life easier…

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Trust your Gut

We are all about empowering people with chronic illnesses. Pushing yourself is good, great even! But, pushing yourself too hard will set you back, cause pain, and will...

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