November Photo Challenge

In Honor of National Diabetes Awareness Month I've created an Instagram challenge. Every day I will be posting a different diabetes related photo to raise awareness. Yesterday, day one, was a selfie with the hash tag #T1dlookslikeme.


Tag #Diabetesphotochallenge & #chronicallyhealthy so I can see everyone's posts!


Day 1: Selfie #T1Dlookslikeme

Day 2: Diagnosis-take a picture of anything and tell the story of your diagnosis underneath!

Day 3: My low treatment is...

Day 4: Pump or injections?

Day 5: My injection site of choice is...

Day 6: Someone who supports you

Day 7: Biggest fear

Day 8: Exercise

Day 9: Diet

Day 10: Since my diagnosis I've had to give up...

Day 11: Since my diagnosis I've gained...

Day 12: Oops!

Day 13: A1C

Day 14: Biggest diabetes related accomplishment!

Day 15: Favorite free food!

Day 16: I'm thankful for...

Day 17: Bolus-worthy

Day 18: My biggest weakness is...

Day 19: My hero is...

Day 20: Blood

Day 21: Glucometer

Day 22: Insulin

Day 23: Strength

Day 24: What I ate today...

Day 25: Frustration

Day 26: Happy

Day 27: Something you're proud of

Day 28: Snacks

Day 29: Invisible illness

Day 30: When I'm diabetes free I will...

Instagram, tweet, and Facebook away!