A Letter to Rob Kardashian

Disclaimer: this has nothing to do with the Kardashian family. There is a bigger issue that was brought to light by this "news" story.


I'm sorry you got diagnosed with diabetes.

I am even more sorry that no one has specified which type you have. When a celebrity gets diagnosed with a disease it is unfortunate, but still an opportunity to inform, raise money, and spread awareness. Unfortunately, but not surprisingly, your diagnosis has not raised awareness, but spread ignorance. Since you have gained weight and now have Diabetes, people are going crazy with the fat jokes.

I'm sorry that people are saying hateful things about you on social media. In a time where you have just taken on a life sentence of self-care, you are being hated on even further. You will soon learn that this is part of having an "invisible illness". People can't see what's wrong with you, therefore they do not understand.

I'm sorry you are being mocked for something that could kill you.

Even though the diagnosis of a chronic illness absolutely sucks, I am not sorry that you now have the opportunity to inform people, raise awareness, and live an extremely healthy and happy life.

Every person that gets a life changing diagnosis has the power to roll over and give up, or make a change both personally and with others. It is now your duty as a diabetic, type one or type two, to explain and help people know the difference.

Living Chronically Healthy,