Joint Pain Winter Care Kit

Anyone with any sort of joint disorder or joint pain knows that dreaded feeling when the temperature starts to drop. You know with cold weather comes pain, and having a toolkit of preventers, fixers,  & relaxers can make the winter months much, much easier. Below are some of my personal favorites for de-thawing myself after going out in to the wintery abyss.

1. SOMBRA CREAM. This stuff is the bee’s knees. I got it from a chiropractor a few years ago and it helps so much. Way less chemicals than most pain relief creams... and some even say they can see the inflammation disappearing from just one use. 

2. TURMERIC TEA. Turmeric is one of those spices that people are raving about right now. Most people have heard of it and if you haven't you soon will. Turmeric has been used for years in Ayurveda as an anti-inflammatory, as a very strong anti-oxidant, to help improve brain function, lower the risk of heart disease, to help fight depression, well... you get the point. Get the tea. Drink it. Love it. 

3. EPSOM SALT. Taking a bath with this stuff is not only relaxing (a huge part of chronic illness or pain management) it really does help with inflammation and pain. The lavender blend is amazing because lavender is the sh*t, but they have some other scents as well. Dump 1-1.5 cups in a warm bath and soak for about 20 minutes. 

4. A FOOT SPA. Does this one even need an explanation? It doesn't matter what kind of health issues you have. You could be the healthiest person on the planet... a warm, bubbly foot massage is always a good idea.  

5. BUNDLE UP. This one is important and frequently missed by those in the younger generations. I have a tendency to go outside with no jacket when theres snow on the ground and without fail, every single time, I regret it. 

The winter is one of those times where people with chronic illnesses or pain disorders don't have the luxury of enjoying the snow like others do. This list that I personally implement, along with any other tips and tricks you've found on your own can take away the gut wrenching negative feelings that some of us have about low temps and snow.

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Stay warm!