Empathy vs. Sympathy


If you love someone who has a chronic illness, or is going through something even remotely difficult, watch the video below.

As painful and horrible as it can be to have a chronic illness, those who love us have an extremely difficult time as well. I always had trouble understanding this. I would think to myself, "You don't prick your finger, you don't experience horrible dry mouth, mood swings, and headaches. There's no possible way you can get it." Now that I'm older I understand that the people around us may not feel our physical pain, but watching someone you love suffer is one of the worst feelings in the world. (Thank you Mom *and everyone else* for putting up with me when I didn't fully understand that)

The difference between empathy and sympathy is something that is so frequently, and monumentally, misunderstood. This video explains the differences in a way that is shockingly easy to understand. 

Today, and every day, practice showing empathy and understanding instead of looking down at others from above. As good as sympathetic intentions may be, they can drive others away. What will you do today to show empathy to those around you?