The Power of the Pet


Anyone who knows me knows about Mako. For those of you who do not, he is my amazing, stubborn, hilarious, adorable little French Bulldog. A few years ago I started heavily looking into diabetes alert dogs. They were all I could think about and I was amazed by their abilities. I would sit for hours and read stories about how a dog had saved yet another diabetic’s life from a drastic high or low.

So, why Mako? He doesn't really have any skills, other than being the cutest and most loving little man on the planet. He can't bring me juice when my blood sugar is dropping, or sniff out an oncoming high so that I can get to it early. Those things are important, and an amazing option for those who need it (or who can afford a $50,000 dog) but after a lot of heavy thinking I realized it really wasn't for me.

While I am someone who could never get mad at an animal or resent it in any capacity, I realized that this would not be just a dog. That dog would have to be by my side 24/7 and would always be on top of me about my blood sugar. There would never be any sort of break from Diabetes again.  I would be followed and watched constantly. While this doesn't seem like a bad thing to a Diabetes caregiver, personally I need to know that there will be at least a few moments throughout the day where I am not thinking about Diabetes.

While Mako can't diagnose blood sugars with a simple sniff, he does provide love, laughter, and companionship that is invaluable to me. On those days where I'm not feeling so hot, Mako is always there, right by my side- looking at me with those giant Frenchie eyes. If you've learned anything from me, I want it to be some sort of grasp about how important happiness and relaxation are to someone with a chronic illness. Mako, Happy National Puppy Day, and thank you for being the most important medicine I have.



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