3 Reasons to Proudly Wear your Medical Devices

Dealing with something kind of new and different right now. Something I dealt with a while ago, but a demon that has not come into my life for years. Not to be vain or shallow, but like most people, when I have a bathing suit on and am on the beach, I'd like to feel confident. I've put a lot of work into my health over the past few years, and with that comes a body that I am pretty close to being proud of. *This has nothing to do with being SKINNY, but I'll save that for another day*

Last night it was time for a Dexcom (continuous glucose monitor) change and OnmiPod (insulin pump) site change at the same time. This happened in the middle of packing. Tomorrow I am going to Grand Cayman, and while I am so unbelievably excited to get there, I'm not excited to look like I just walked out of a hospital.

Having an invisible illness comes with a set of struggles. People can't see that there is anything wrong with you, so it’s easy for them to question and judge. People ask offensive questions and never really understand.  With the feelings that I experience most of the time, the feelings last night seemed quite contradictory. Why did I care if people could see my pump and Dexcom when most of the time I want people to know?

After about an hour of sitting and contemplating where my pump and Dexcom would be inserted, I finally had a realization...

1. I am a bad ass. I wear two tubes in my body 24/7 and that takes courage.

2. These things are keeping me alive. Without them, Diabetes would be a much bigger focus during my trip.

3. Worst case scenario, say someone does make a face, or tap their friend on the shoulder and say its gross... That’s my opportunity to educate. I've dedicated my life to helping people with chronic illnesses...why stop on vacation?

Would I love to walk the beach in a bathing suit, medical device free? Of course. But until there's a cure (or if I want to get really sick) that is not an option. Until then I can be as confident as possible and keep reminding myself that I am brave, and tough, and awesome- and you are too!

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