Anti-Inflammatory Meal Ideas


I'm having one of those days.

My blood sugar is out of whack, my joints are warm and inflamed, and the fatigue is getting the best of me.

We all have these days. Even on harsh Rheumatoid Arthritis drugs, these "bed days" were more frequent than my happy, healthy, feel good days. I used to have them two to three times a week. I was on a chemotherapy-like drug, losing hair, developing rashes, and constantly sick... yet the joint pain was worse than it is now. Now, after following my own natural course of treatment, joint pain once or twice a month is a shock, and my good days undoubtedly outnumber my bad ones.

Most people with chronic illnesses have a very difficult time accepting assistance. To put it frankly, it sucks. You don't want to inconvenience anyone else with your problems, but sometimes you just gotta. On my drive home today I was dreading making dinner. Low and behold, I came home to an "anti-inflammatory" feast prepared by my amazing boyfriend. He sat on his computer and researched every food that’s proven to reduce inflammation and pain.

Just in case you're having a "bed day", here a few dinner ideas to make your day a little brighter.

TIP: Get as many colors on that plate as you possibly can!

Turmeric Cauliflower Wings

Sweet Potato Puree 

Maple & Turmeric Roasted Root Veggies 

Recipes coming soon in the Chronically Healthy Anti Inflammatory Guide! Click the link at the top of the page and fill out the form to be put on the list!