5 Reasons to Love Your Journal (& actually use it)


Contrary to popular belief, journaling isn't just for teenage girls. It's therapeutic and beneficial for people of all ages. It's so easy to set aside 15 minutes during the day and write about whatever is on your mind. Here are the five reasons I make it a point to pick up my journal every day.

1. Journaling allows you to untangle your thoughts & clear your head.

A journal is a safe, non-judgmental place to get all of your random, angry, happy, depressing, spastic, hilarious thoughts out. Some of us have a tendency to keep a lot bottled up inside of us. This leads to increased stress levels, which in turn causes health problems. Being able to say whatever the heck you want allows you to get a bunch of stuff out of your head that doesn't deserve the space.

High levels of stress increase your risk of heart disease by 40%, your risk of a heart attack by 25%, and your risk of having a stroke by 50%.

- American Institute of Stress


2. You can see how far you've come.

Looking back in my own journal, it's amazing to see how far I've come. Days of negative self-talk and beating myself up have turned into pages and pages of what I'm grateful for, people I love, and things that make me happy. Yes, I have bad days and pages of frustration, but they are much less frequent than they were in previous years.

3. Journaling allows you to recognize patterns.

Days or weeks of journaling will produce patterns you might not be aware of. Are you left feeling worthless after hanging out with a certain person? Does an activity that you do make you super freaking happy? This will give you the opportunity to sprinkle in more of the positive behaviors and maybe kick some habits (or people) to the curb.

4. Journaling helps solve problems.

Maybe you're struggling with making it to the gym. Maybe you're pissed off because of something happening in your life. Typically, we (humans) approach problems analytically, using the left side of our brain. Writing unlocks the creative side of your brain, which can help you come up with unexpected solutions for whatever is going on in your life.

5. There are health benefits too!

There is ACTUAL SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH proving that daily journal keeping strengthens T-lymphocytes (immune cells) and decreases symptoms of inflammatory diseases and asthma! WHAT?

 So, are you intrigued yet?

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