5 Things We're Loving this Month


Here are our December favorites!

December 2018.001.jpeg

1) Girl Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis

Here’s the audiobook and hard cover options. I really, really loved this book. Rachel Hollis is so authentic and funny, and definitely calls you on your bullshit.

Image from  Cuppow.com

Image from Cuppow.com

2) 64 oz Mason Jar

I purchased this jar a few months back and I’m pretty sure it is my favorite thing that I own. It’s also fun to make sun tea in it!

Image from  foodsalive.com

Image from foodsalive.com

3) Glass Straws

There’s something about a big glass straw that makes drinking water more appealing. We are obsessed with these! Added bonus: these are bigger than your average reusable straw and are much easier to clean.

You can even keep one in a little container in your bag and be that weirdo that pulls it out in public (aka me).

December 2018.005.jpeg

4) Calm

I was trained in TM a few years ago and really loved it at first. Eventually, 20 minutes 2 times a day started to feel overwhelming, so I quit. I moved on to headspace and that failed too. I’m on a 10 day streak meditating with Calm and I love it! I can’t explain why meditation is sticking this time when it didn’t before, but I’ll take it.

December 2018.007.jpeg

5. Chill CBD by Tonic

We love this company, we love the product, and we especially love how kind, caring, and knowledgeable the founder is. You can get 10% by entering code “chronicallyhealthy” at check out.

Want to learn more about CBD? Check these out!

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