5 Tips for Protecting Your Body While Taking Antibiotics


Antibiotics: majorly overprescribed, but sometimes necessary.

Those of us with autoimmune disease almost always have some degree of increased intestinal permeability, more commonly known as leaky gut syndrome. Improved gut health means improved chronic illness management. Unfortunately, antibiotics disrupt your gut. When you are on antibiotics, you are getting rid of an infection, but disrupting homeostasis (balance and equilibrium in your body) in the process. 

Here are some tips for bouncing back as quickly as you can, while still supporting the rest of your body in the process.

1. Don't stop once you have started. It can be incredibly tempting to stop the antibiotic protocol once you begin to feel better. When you stop an antibiotic early you are running the risk of bacterial regrowth. The bacteria can return in a mutated, antibiotic-resistant form.

2. Stay calm. Stress inhibits your body's ability to fight off infection. Lowered cortisol levels help to create the ideal environment for your body and the antibiotic to fight off the infection. Meditation, calming essential oils like lavender, extra sleep, and nightly detox baths are great tools for chillin' out. Read more about stress hormones here.

3. Support your gut, cells, and internal organs with high-quality supplements and a probiotic. Make sure to wait at least two hours in between taking the antibiotic and probiotic, as they can counteract each other if taken during the same time period. If you have any questions about which supplements are right for you, send us an email at contact@chronicallyhealthy.com.

4. Stay hydrated. Make sure you are upping your liquid intake during your antibiotic protocol. This will help you heal and decrease your risk of side effects. Bone broth and herbal teas are great options as well, but water is always best.

5. Be mindful of nutritional intake. A balanced nutritional foundation should always be a part of your approach to life with chronic illness, but is even more important when you are fighting off an infection. Bad bacteria thrive on dairy, excess sugar, and alcohol, so make an effort to decrease these foods, especially while on the medication. Adding natural antibiotics like garlic and oregano, as well as gut-healing foods like kraut, kimchi, and kefir will also help you heal faster.