An Open Letter to my Best Friend


Dear MSBL,

Thank you for being one of the deepest and most meaningful connections in my life.

Thank you for loving me even on the days I do not love myself.

Thank you for understanding that sometimes our plans go awry, and never making me feel like a crappy friend because of it. For knowing that sometimes my body takes over and I'm unable to stick to whatever weird activities we had previously dreamt up.

Thank you for holding my hair back when I get sick.

Thank you for bringing me clean underwear when I was in the hospital during high school. It was all I cared about in that moment and hospital undies just weren't cutting it. I think I still have those...

Thank you for reminding me I am beautiful even when I'm feeling like a robot girl.

Thank you for listening with empathy, kindness, and love when I'm having down days.

Thank you for knowing so much about my illnesses, and for making it our problem... not just mine.


Friendships have been difficult during this life I'm living. My state of being can change in an instant, without any warning at all. Sustaining friendships takes work, but ours has never felt difficult, even on the darkest days.

Also, thank you for that time you fell when we were walking into a restaurant. That was hilarious.

Most importantly, thank you for the endless deep belly laughs and the wonderfully overwhelming amount of light you bring into my life.

I love you, sisterfriend.