CBD Tips: Dosage and Quality


If you don’t already know what CBD is and how works in your body, read more here. Also check out how CBD in combination with a morning routine can be a powerful way to start the day.


Quality Matters

When buying CBD, it’s important to look at the way the plant was grown and processed. Just like when we talk about essential oils, CBD oil is a very concentrated product that could contain pesticides, heavy metals, and other contaminants that counteract all the good you’re trying to do.

Make sure to buy organic products that have been third-party tested for impurities.

Hemp is not yet a USDA certified organic product, so find a company you trust and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Support local companies when possible!


Try a Tincture

The number of CBD products available is blowing up. There are simple CBD tinctures or capsules, as well as candies and jams, and a myriad of topical products like soaps, lotions, and salves. The possibilities are endless, but we like a tincture for fast absorption.

There are many companies doing great things in the CBD world, and right now we are really loving Tonic CBD tinctures. Tonic is a woman-owned company extracting CBD from their own sun-grown organic hemp. They put their blends through two rounds of third-party testing to ensure purity and CBD concentration.

Since we personally use the product and love it, we asked the founder for a discount code for you guys. Keep reading for more info on concentrations and how to buy.

For 10% off Tonic CBD, use code chronicallyhealthy at checkout. Scroll to the end for product price comparison.

Tonic tinctures taste herbal and delicious and are sweetened very lightly with organic maple syrup sourced down the street from their hemp farm. One whole tincture bottle contains only 7 grams of sugar, spread out over at least 30 doses (if you fill the entire dropper). So our T1D buddies need not fear a sugar spike.


Understand Dosage

Just like all CBD products, tinctures come in different concentrations, so keep that in mind when purchasing. We’ll walk you through how to compare products… some products are just as expensive as others but contain much less CBD! So make sure to take a look at the label.


A 30 mL bottle of tincture with 700 mg CBD strength gives you 60 half-dropper doses. A Tonic CBD tincture of this strength costs $65, making each dose about a dollar. Not bad. They also have a half size bottle if you want to start out small.

As a gague, we recommend starting with a half dropper of a 700 mg strength CBD tincture (~12 mg CBD dose). Depending on your body and situation, you might need to play with your dosage to get it right.

For trouble sleeping or high pain, go for a full dropper (23 mg).

It’s usually worth it to buy a higher strength tincture, since you can take smaller amounts and make it last quite a while. Some tinctures (like Tonic O.G.) contain added ingredients like ashwaganda, which heightens the sensation and has its own major benefits.

Since we personally use the Tonic tinctures and love them, we asked the founder for a discount code for you guys.

For 10% off use code chronicallyhealthy at checkout.


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