Goodbye 2016


I’m seeing a lot about how grateful people are that 2016 is over. I get it. A lot of crappy things happened this year. I’m normally with everyone else in feeling this way. A new year begins and I’m like “YES, peace out last year, I’m ready for a fresh start”. This year changed everything. I broke off from the beaten path and started my own business, I continued on my journey of spiritual growth, I found out how ridiculously happy blogging and helping others makes me…

This is my first year where I do not have the overwhelming feeling of “yuck” at the thought of the year I’m leaving behind. Don’t get me wrong, 2016 was a pain in the ass at times, but I now know how to handle those bad times that come at me. In 2016 I learned to meditate, connected with some amazing people, and realized that I deserve much more love than I’ve given myself in the past.

Instead of being thrilled that 2016 is over and harping on the negatives, make a list of the 10 things that 2016 gave you. Spend the next year creating an environment that you don't feel the need to escape once 2018 comes around. 

How do you feel about leaving 2016 behind?

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Chronically Healthy loves Thrive Market! Wholesome products. Wholesale prices.

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