Insulin Pump Review; Omnipod, Tslim, and Medtronic 670G


I’m that girl who really likes having the newest piece of technology. I see something shiny and I want it. I need it. I rarely end up being able to swing said item, but I’m super attracted to new and shiny. No matter how hippie-chick I get, the sparkle will always draw me in.

The desire for new technology is even more intense when it comes to diabetes life. If something promises improved quality of life and better control, sign me up!

We all know how it goes with insurance companies. Oftentimes, and especially in the U.S., we are stuck with diabetes technology until our current system is out of warranty. That five years feels like an eternity when you are disappointed with your current set up, and you know something better is out there waiting for you.

No insulin pump is ever going to be a cure, but pumps can drastically improve quality of life.

I’ve been on many different systems in the past 19 years of life with Type One. Many of these pumps and monitors are no longer available, but I figured I’d write out the pros and cons of each one that is still available for purchase.



The Omnipod ended my five year stint of manual injections and poor control. My teen self didn’t want to wear anything. Once college started I was like “this is dumb and I’m making my life so much more difficult, grow up and get a pump”. It was great for a while, but eventually I outgrew it and wanted more advanced features.


  • no tubing

  • PDM has a built in glucometer


  • need external remote to use (super scary to leave it at home)

  • tape loosens with moisture 

  • skin rashes are common




  • touch screen

  • cute n’ small

  • connects with dexcom

  • new shut off feature for lows (with Dexcom G6)


  • tubing

I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about the tslim. It was an amicable break-up between the two of us. He was so great to me, I just needed more… I needed features he just couldn’t give me. Which brings us to our next pump…


Medtronic 670G

It took me a while to switch to this bad boy. Partially because of insurance, and partially because of the horrendous reviews this pump has. Upon further investigation, I realized there are plenty of positive reviews for each negative, and the people who truly love it are out living their lives and not talking about it online. 


  • Automode, need I say more?

  • Different modes for bolusing

  • Automatically connects to glucometer


  • the company couldn’t be more of a pain in the ass (edit* trainer was amazing, everyone else I dealt with was less than wonderful)

  • a lot of people complain about the Guardian sensor (I haven’t had any issues yet knocks on wood)

  • tubing

Agree? Disagree? We would love to hear your experiences below!