Playdates & Chronic Illness


“How will my child ever go to a birthday party or sleepover again?”

If your child has been diagnosed with a chronic illness, this thought has probably popped into your head. We’ve heard this so many times from different members of chronically healthy. This is a valid fear, but with the right prep and planning, life goes on. Actually, it more than just “goes on”. Yes, any disease sucks, but you’ll quickly realize how many people love the crap out of you.

Having a chronic illness does not mean the fun and excitement of childhood is over. Follow the steps below to bring a little normalcy back into your lives.  

1.     Find your trusted group. Get a group of parents and family members together. These should be people who you trust and love your child. Invite them over as a group and train them. Do not feel like a burden. A chronic illness takes an army, and a whole lot of love.  

2.     Create a Sleepover/Playdate Package. 
In this you will include…

  • Medications
  • Troubleshooting Guides
  • Important Phone Numbers
  • Anything Used on a Daily Basis
  • Distraction tools if giving injections
    or inserting an insulin pump (links below)

Use toys to calm nerves!

3.     Go through the care kit with your child. At a certain age your child will start wanting to know more about his or her own illness. When putting the package together, include your child. Make this a group activity and explain different items as you go. If you have expressed any hesitation about playdates and sleepovers, your child has most likely caught on. Seeing that you are fully prepared and positive about it will ease any uncertainty.

**Bonus: We have included the OmniPod guide for our diabetic friends. If you have a suggestion for any other guide, put it in the comments below!


OmniPod Replacement Guide *FREE*

If your child has T1D, you've probably worried about how to handle playdates and sleepovers. How do you help other parents or family members feel comfortable assisting or completing a pump change?

We’ve heard this so many times from different members of Chronically Healthy, so we decided to put together a friendly step-by-step guide. We advise you walk a newbie through the process in person, and leave this guide behind as a reminder. 

Omnipod Replacement Guide