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Relationships and chronic illness-Chronically Healthy

Over the years I’ve met a few people with chronic illnesses who were in really crappy romantic situations. I’ve met diabetics who wouldn’t go on the pump because their significant other didn’t want them to. I’ve met people who worried that the Dexcom sensor would make them unattractive to others. Some with differing chronic illnesses worried that if they went on monthly shots and suffered some of the side effects, they would lose their sex appeal. They put off quality care for years, ignoring their own needs because of what the person they loved was telling them.

 I’m going to be pretty harsh for a second…

 If you are in this type of relationship... if you are with someone who does not take interest in your care and want you to have the best possible medical devices and treatment available, that person is not the one you are meant to be with.

Love is wanting the absolute best for someone.

Love is the person you are with still thinking you’re sexy as hell even though you have some sensors on your body or you’re constantly dealing with needles.


You know what isn’t sexy?

Diabetic ketoacidosis is not sexy.

Rheumatoid Arthritis flare ups are not sexy.

Unbearable pain and bloating is not sexy.


Life is sexy.

Feeling good is sexy.

Being able to enjoy your existence is sexy.


I’m not telling you to go upstairs and start chucking your significant others belongings out the window, but I do urge you to take a step back and really consider what’s going on around you.

I am lucky enough to have found someone that knows how to change my pump for me, helps me with injections, used to wait patiently for hours while I tried to muster up the courage to give Rheumatoid Arthritis shots that I knew would make me feel worse, and deal with the mood swings, ups and downs, and everything else that comes with having chronic illnesses. Thank you, Chris. You’ll never know how much I appreciate you.

 Do not settle because you do not think you are worthy of love. The right person will come along.

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Chronically Healthy loves Thrive Market! Check them out.


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