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Cooking Oils: It's Getting Hot in Here

If you’ve ever kept an oil around for too long, you can tell it smells funky. If you’re cooking with an oil, it’s helpful to know the smoke point (i.e. the point in which it burns and degrades). For cooking, we like to use...

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Is it Really that Difficult to be Nice?

So I'm at the gym this morning and I see three women talking. Based on my first impression these three people had been best friends forever. A few minutes later two of them walk into the locker room. One says "Wow she's so fat! And did you see that zit on her face?!" The other responded with "Oh my god! I know! She's so annoying". There are a ridiculous amount of things wrong with this whole encounter, but selfishly, what bothered me most is the way it made me feel. 

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