If we Found a Cure for Type One Diabetes


Let me start off by saying Bunny Kasper is one of the most amazing, hilarious, smart, kind, awesome people on this planet.  She handles the ups and downs of Type One Diabetes as beautifully as anyone possibly could. Bunny has quite a few Type One's in her family. Members of Bunny's family dedicate tons of time to fundraising efforts for finding a cure for this disease that affects over 12.5 million U.S. citizens, a number that is growing rapidly.  Please take the time to read her eloquent, and oh so accurate representation of the live we live every day.

What a Cure Would Mean to Me

Bunny Kasper

No more waking up in the morning and checking a machine to see “how am I” that day.

No more checking my BGs at bedtime to be sure it is safe to sleep that night.

No more taking a blood sample before, during and after exercising to ensure my safety.

No more giving myself 8-14 shots a day.

No more stabbing my fingers or arms every time I want to put food in my mouth, exercise, drive a car, take a walk, wake up, go to sleep, or do anything that requires any effort on my part.

No more wearing machinery inserted under my skin every 2 -3 days to continuously drip insulin into my body and continuously monitor my Blood Glucose levels every 5 minutes 24 hours a day.

No more being attached to tubing and hearing incessant warning alarms.

No more weighing and measuring my food, or just plain guessing for insulin dosage.

And no more sense of failure when my body doesn’t respond the way it did every other time. No more fighting the high blood glucose and its potential damage, or the low and the ever-present possibility of death… every single time I put food in my mouth – every time, everyday.

And no more having to eat when I'm not hungry or not being able to eat when I am.

No more making plans according to anticipated BGs or cancelling plans due to unexpected highs or lows.

No more reading about or listening to friends and family tell me about amazing cures if only I would eat something, drink something or take a med that has no effect what-so-ever on this disease.

And on the flip side, no more hearing doctors telling me they have a fix for what ails me but because I have Diabetes, they cannot risk giving it to me.

No more explaining the enormous and critical differences between Type 1 and Type 2.

No more waking in the night in a panic due to a low and no more not being able to think or speak intelligently due to a high.

No more kissing your beloved T1D goodnight for the last time each night, every night, for fear they will not survive to the morning.

So no more setting alarms to go off every 2 hours throughout the night for blood glucose checks.

And no more falling asleep at night not knowing if I will wake in the morning.

No more Dead In Bed Syndrome and no more DKA.
So no more grieving parents.

No more fighting with Insurance Companies and Diabetes supply companies to get the equipment we need to survive.

And no more fighting our government to force Medicare to cover the wonderful advances that have been made in Diabetes care.

No more packing 4 times the supplies I need when traveling, for fear that if something goes wrong I could die. And no more fighting with airlines security about how many supplies I need to bring on a plane for fear of a prolonged wait on runway or in the air – or even worse, a highjack.

No more missing the fun in the summer or winter due to the effect the heat or cold has on my body.

No more disappointing my husband, my children or my grandchildren, and no more seeing the pain in their eyes as they watch me struggle.

No more seeing that constant pain in my son’s eyes as he fights for a cure for his children.

No more cringing every time one of my kids call, for fear they are going to tell me yet another grandchild has been diagnosed.

No more meeting newly diagnosed and helping them understand their lives are not over and they will learn to cope.

No more telling them they can do whatever they want… and no more not telling them how hard that might be sometimes.

No more hearing from grandparents who are afraid of being alone with their Type 1 grandchildren. And no more being afraid of being alone with mine for fear something will go wrong on my watch.

No more fighting the Diabetes depression that creeps up on you after spending night after night up all hours fighting unacceptable numbers.

And no more trying to live up to your responsibilities regardless of how exhausted those late nights have left you.

No more fighting to not hate Diabetes, understanding that I would just end up hating my own body if I gave in to that.

And no more struggling to explain what it’s like to live chronically with an acute disease.

BUT… on the other hand… and yes, there is always another hand…
No more meeting some of the most fabulous people I have ever had the pleasure to know.

No more sharing love and caring with some of the best parents and kids I have ever met.

No more celebrating all the tiny wins each day and appreciating health that I no longer take for granted.

And no more appreciating all the small things in life that I would probably stop noticing as I greedily filled all my newly recovered spare time.

And most especially, no more feeding people on the JDRF century Rides to Cure, who are so desperate for nourishment that anything I make tastes good to them!!!!

This is real. It is the struggle that each T1D and their families face every day, all day and all night.
We have learned to be strong. It's one of the pluses of this disease.
But we are tired. 
We need a cure and the only way to get it is to try to raise the funds we need for research.

Bunny's grandson, also a Type One Diabetic, has decided to step up and help find a cure. He is riding in the JDRF Ride to Cure - 100 miles in the heat of Florida in one day. Please show your support here!