Azure Wolfe: T1D Yogi, Traveler, Athlete

Tell us a little about yourself and your relationship with T1D

My name is Azure and I've been a Type 1 Diabetic since I was 5. I struggled with denial, neglect, lack of information or guidance for quite a while, which led to a mountain of seizures, huge stress on my Mom and eventually blindness in one eye. But, I came to a point where I no longer wanted to merely EXIST with this disease. I wanted to THRIVE. I realized that I couldn't control this disease, I could only manage it but I intended to do it while LIVING BIG. And so, in my 20s I started to get a better grasp of my illness while traveling everywhere, sleeping in cars, climbing mountains, exploring the world and my bodies capabilities while having this disease. Now at the age of 41 I continue to do everything while bringing my constant companion (diabetes) with me. We don't always get along but we'll never be rid of each other so we manage 😊 Diabetes can be super stressful, constant, frustrating, life taking, inconvenient , one of my most useful tools for calming the diabetic mind is yoga and meditation. It can be done anywhere and since I travel it comes in handy and keeps my mind and body relaxed.

I like to think that having diabetes has given me an opportunity to live in the now, in the moment and not take life for granted 😊 Be well, live well, love yourself always ❤

The above story was written by Azure Wolfe, one of our friends from Chronically Us. We love to highlight the amazing, awesome, wonderful chronic illness warriors. Have a story to share? Contact us for a feature!

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