Ruby & Emily, September 2016

Ruby & Emily, September 2016


Our daughter Ruby, age 11, was diagnosed with T1D, on her first day of middle school about one month ago.  It was a devastating diagnosis as we knew so little about type 1 diabetes and the constant care that it demands.  By some miracle however, we were introduced to Emily Davis within a week of being discharged from Yale.  

Emily is an absolute lifesaver. For our daughter to learn first hand the many aspects of diabetes from Emily is invaluable

No matter how much we’ve read up on diabetes and listened to physicians in the field, it is Emily who has taught our family the intricacies of this complicated and taxing diagnosis in the short time that we’ve known her.  We were lucky enough to have Emily join us on a family weekend away and it was an invaluable experience for all of us.  To see our daughter sit at the kitchen table with Emily and ask all of her questions about her pump, her monitor, her life was truly moving. 

The hands on tips for best injection techniques, insulin advice, and especially the nutritional advice have already proven incredibly helpful. 

Emily listens patiently first and foremost and does not attempt to impose her vast knowledge in an overwhelming manner. She waits for chances to offer support, advice and tips as the questions arise. At the same time, you could ask her 100 questions in a row and she would answer them all. The emotional impact that type 1 has on a family is hard to describe unless you’ve personally experienced it; but Emily has helped us so much already that we cannot help but accept the challenge of this condition and to learn from Emily’s example.

She is an absolute inspiration to our whole family, especially Ruby.

The Ryder Family

Emily has been a Godsend to our family. She came to us with years of personal first hand knowledge of living with a chronic illness. My daughter has T1D, celiac disease, and many other food allergies. No other family member of ours ever had a chronic illness, and navigating life with a chronically ill child at times can be overwhelming. Emily is patient, kind and has an amazing sense of character.  She encourages dialog and allows any frustrations to be heard while offering positive reinforcement.  She is a wonderful source of ideas and solutions and we have benefitted from them on many an occasion. We will forever be grateful for such an amazing coach to guide us through the uncertainty of chronic illness to a path of health and happiness.

Raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

Raising money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!


The Garner Family

Emily has been such a blessing to our family. One of our children has a diagnosis that requires nightly shots. We had to leave town for two nights and asked Emily to stay with him and our other children. She took such good care of all of them. She cooked with them, taught them so much about healthy choices, and we felt confident leaving knowing she could easily handle our son and his medicine. I couldn't believe when I came home and all three of my children were requesting cauliflower for a snack (along with telling me all sorts of amazing veggie facts;), counting how much water they drink and ready to share their knowledge with friends!