15 Uses: Lavender Oil


Lavender oil is extremely versatile. It's kind of amazing how many products you can replace with plant oils. And at cents per drop, it's pretty dang affordable.

Please know that we only recommend these uses with high-quality essential oils.

Many essential oils you can buy (even from Whole Foods) are cut with synthetics and are not rigorously tested for impurities. You should never ingest oils without first knowing where they came from and their level of purity.


Stress Reducer

Lavender is extremely soothing. Rub a drop onto your wrists, inhale the aroma, diffuse the oil in a water diffuser, or make a travel rollerball with lavender and a carrier oil like fractionated coconut oil. Read more about aroma and emotions here.


Sleep Aid

As a natural stress-reducer, lavender can help you get into a calm headspace at night. Rub a drop of lavender onto your wrists and neck, apply to your pillow, or put lavender oil into a water diffuser to help you drift off peacefully.

Cramp Relief

As an anti-spasmodic, lavender oil can be helpful for period cramps. Use an easy-to-apply rollerball or add 1-2 drops of lavender oil to a dime size amount of coconut oil and gently apply to your lower abdomen.


Razor Burn Relief

What lavender does for your senses, it can also do for your skin—soothe. Add a drop of lavender oil to a small amount of lotion and apply after shaving, or use a travel roller stick to apply easily.


Sunburn Relief

Because of it's soothing properties, lavender is a great addition to an after-sun aloe treatment. Simply add a drop of lavender to a palmful of aloe gel and apply to skin. If your face is a little fried, try the roller applicator that combines lavender and coconut oil… a perfect travel companion.


Calming Moisturizer

Add a drop of lavender to a dime-sized amount of fractionated coconut oil as a moisturizer.


Lavender Salt Scrub

Enjoy a floral and calming salt scrub in a hot shower. It's super simple to make, and cost-effective!

Bug Bite Relief

When you scratch a bug bite, it leads to more irritated skin. Use a lavender roller applicator, or try adding a drop of lavender to a little bit of carrier oil or aloe for relief.


Freshen Laundry

Try these reusable cotton dryer balls with a drop of lavender for warm, floral laundry.


Natural Air Freshener

Not only does lavender smell great, but it's naturally antibacterial. Make a calming, cleansing room spray with 20 drops lavender oil in a small spray bottle filled with filtered water. This also doubles as a lovely pillow spray.


Aromatic Bath

Add 3-4 drops lavender oil to your bath for a relaxing experience.

Lavender Honey

Add a subtle lavender flavor with an oiled toothpick stirred into your honey. Start with just a tablespoon of honey and see if you like the taste before adding lavender to your whole jar!


Makeup Remover

Combine the skin-soothing and antibacterial power of lavender, the astringency of witch hazel, and hydrating fractionated coconut oil to make easy makeup remover wipes. You only need a glass container and cotton rounds.


Non-Toxic Cleaner

Many essential oils (like lavender) both kill pathogens and create an un-friendly environment for germs to grow in the future. Try making your own all-purpose cleaner with lavender oil. 


Carpet Freshener

Add 10 drops lavender oil to 2 cups baking soda and store in an airtight container. To use, sprinkle some of the scented baking soda on your carpet, let sit for an hour or two, then vacuum. 


We only recommend these uses with high-quality essential oils.

Many essential oils you can buy (even from Whole Foods) are cut with synthetics and/or rigorously tested for impurities, and you should absolutely not ingest them.

After a lot of research we found a company we trust called dōTERRA. Whatever you do, just make sure the oil has been treated responsibly and third-party tested. Oils are 50-70 times more potent than the plants themselves...they are extremely concentrated!

Check out dōTERRA's sourcing website here.


Topical Application:

Lavender oil is marked "N" for neat, meaning it is save to apply a drop directly to skin without dilution.


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