Non-Toxic Nail Polish & Remover


Both nail polish and nail polish remover contain many chemicals that we don't need to be putting onto our skin or breathing in.

Read more here about how we reduce our toxic load.

Some salons have started to recognize this, and many are now carrying "5-free" or even "10 free" (toxin-free) polish. You can always bring your own, or for a less expensive option, all you need is a few simple products for a lovely, safe, skin-nourishing at home manicure. 


For reference, here are the 5 main ingredients we are trying to avoid...

linked to liver damage when put on skin, and seizures when ingested (hello, nail biters)

endocrine disruptor, toxic to the reproductive system

heavily researched carcinogen that causes organ and immune system toxicity

known allergen, can cause skin, eye, and lung irritation

linked to malignant lymphoma and disrupts the development of a fetus

Try Non-Toxic Nail Polish!

Emily loves the brand Zoya, and Sarah loves Sundays (and also uses Zoya).

Rethink your nail polish remover.

Nail polish remover is some strong stuff. Think about that smell it produces, the way it quickly dries out your skin, and how effortlessly it strips paint. Acetone, one of the main ingredients in most removers, definitely doesn't belong in your skincare routine.

Try this non-toxic polish remover from Karma Naturals. We've tried a bunch and this one is always the winner. It smells incredible and it leaves your skin feeling amazing!


The Full Treatment

Make a super simple non-toxic salt scrub while you're at it, using coconut oil and your favorite essential oil. Try lavender oil—not only is it soothing and actually great for your skin, but it's also helpful for calming nervous energy. So take a bath, use your salt scrub, paint those nails, and feel fresh AF.

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