Thriving with T1D

Perfect for children 9-13, this five part video course is designed to create a healthy and balanced foundation that is so crucial for navigating the upcoming years with T1D (trust me on this one!). Since we feel that habits are best established over time, the program is set up to be viewed over the course of 5 weeks–one short video per week with an activity and a particular focus.

There’s a lot missing from Diabetes care, we all know that. T1D is not simply about medical care; there is an emotional aspect that needs to be brought to light. We want to give kids the tools to succeed.

Keeping in mind the attention span of children, and the fact that therapy does not work for everyone, we worked with T1D parents to come up with the top five struggles they face. Your child will learn about outside factors that affect diabetes control, stress management, relationship with food, the importance of routines, and how to be a diabetic in a world filled with non-diabetics. The accompanying workbook contains a worksheet and an interactive activity for each section, designed to help your child retain information and creative positive habits.


Who is this program for?

A child who is struggling in any area of type one diabetes

A child who needs motivation to take care of him or herself

A child who refuses to talk about diabetes and/or does not like others to know

ANY child with type one diabetes ages 9-13


Meet the Coach

HI! I’m Emily. There were times during my childhood when I didn’t care about my health. I had no balance in my life and I fought with my caregivers, reluctant to give my diabetes the attention it needed. Food was both a source of comfort and an enemy, I ditched my insulin pump, and I really struggled during a time where self-identification is already so difficult.

No therapist, social worker, or adult could talk any sense to me. Forced into many therapy sessions, none had any effect because in my mind, they had no idea what I was going through. After the not-so-great years of my life, I realized that my health matters. I now know that, yes, I do have a chronic illness, but I can still be happy, healthy, and thriving regardless of this diagnosis.

As a Health Coach and Holistic Nutritionist, I now help others thrive with type one. Our newest course, Thriving with T1D, is designed specifically for the younger generation. It is based on building a healthy, happy, and sustainable foundation. 


Each module contains a video lesson, a worksheet, and an interactive activity. 



MODULE 2: stres

MODULE 3: routines

MODULE 4: food



Interactive Activity Book

Bonus: healthy, happy gut recipes & optional ongoing support