The Easiest (and Fastest) Way to Cook Beets

These beets are simple and delicious, and a great alternative to making them in the oven. With this method you do not have to wrap in foil, you won't use any oil, and it takes a fraction of the time. 

Did you know? Beets contain a large amount of dietary fiber, making them a gut-healing nutritional powerhouse.

1. Pour 1 cup water into your Instant Pot.

2. Clean and trim* beets and place on metal steaming rack.

3. Cook on high pressure for 18 minutes... done!

If you don't have an instant pot, get one. It's a complete game changer for busy families, or people who have trouble cooking on high pain days. 



Wash skin and trim greens off (save these for sautéing or adding to soups!).

After cooking, rub the beet skin off with a clean kitchen towel or use the edge of a knife.

Enjoy on a salad, tossed with oil and vinegar for a delicious side dish, or by themselves! 

Emily DavisComment