Blender Green Sauce


There is a small deli in Connecticut called Molly’s. Her green sauce is bomb. Seriously amazing. Emily set out on a mission a few months ago to recreate a version of the Molly’s green deliciousness, sans dairy and canola oil. This is essentially a raw hot sauce.

We love the versatility of this sauce, and how simple it is to throw everything into a blender. It's great as a dressing on a salad (especially a salad with mango), but also perfect for topping roasted vegetables, eggs, meat, or fish, drizzling over a burrito bowl, or even adding to homemade spring rolls (try a thai chili instead of jalapeño).

Ingredients for half a recipe shown above

Ingredients for half a recipe shown above

We don't always use exact measurements... but it's pretty simple and can be modified according to taste!


Large cucumber*
Clove of garlic
Juice of one lime
Handful of cilantro***
Big pinch of salt
Short pour of olive oil or water****

*For a creamier sauce, peel the cucumber. The peel is filled with nutrients, but does take away much of the creaminess. Leave it on or take it off. You’re the boss.

**Use half a jalapeño if you don't like a sauce with a big kick. We leave the seeds in, but that's up to you.

***If you think cilantro tastes like soap, use parsley.

****A short pour (~1 tsbp or more) olive oil makes the sauce a little smoother, but it's not crucial. You can use water instead.


Chop up cucumber and combine ingredients in the blender... that's it!

Depending on your blender, you might need to shake the vessel, use the pulse setting, and/or add a splash (tbsp or more) of water until it gets going.


Using a handheld juicer gets more juice out of that lime... otherwise, squeeze hard! You can find one usually at a Marshall's in the home goods section, but we also love this stainless steel one online.

2018-07-08 03.58.01-2.jpg

Throw a handful of cilantro (or parsley) into your blender, stems and all.

2018-07-08 03.59.28-2.jpg

For an even creamier sauce, add half an avocado.