In a perfect world, we would obtain all of our nutrients from meals comprised of whole foods. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to consistently have access to fresh, nutritious, and affordable foods. For those of us with a chronic illness–ranging from autoimmune disorders to depression–what we put into our bodies makes even more of an impact.

When your body is signaling fatigue and other undesirable symptoms, it might mean a nutrient deficiency. 

Enter the Life Long Vitality supplement pack—a powerful trio of supplements created with whole pressed foods to ensure you’re properly nourished.


Our first-hand accounts:

If you don’t already know, I put my Rheumatoid Arthritis into remission with a combination of diet and lifestyle factors. I saw a Naturopathic Physician and was put on some pretty awesome supplements. All of this in conjunction has allowed me to remove daily Vicodin and Chemotherapy from my life, and given me the opportunity to live a normal, brain-fog-free (enjoyable) existence…


Once I realized that my anxiety and depression were affecting every part of my life, I knew I finally had to address it. Supplements actually played a big role in why I became a part of Chronically Healthy to begin with; a while back, Emily sent me a winter care kit (that included the Life Long Vitality Pack) in exchange for the logo and some brand assets. I was skeptical that the supplements would really make a difference, and was shocked that within a matter of a few days I had so much more energy. Clearly, a vitamin deficiency was really contributing to my downswings. Depression can feel like sinking beneath a heavy weight, and having the energy to run really saved me that winter.



Lifelong Vitality Pack: 

Made from pressed whole foods. The majority of supplement manufacturers fill their pills with minerals and vitamins derived from rocks and mineral salts that your body can’t absorb.

Contains turmeric and curcumin which are great for inflammation.

Omega complex a high-quality blend of marine- and land-sourced omega fatty acids (vegan version omits the fish oil).

Vitamins B, C, and D3 in high levels.

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If you pay $35 for a dōTERRA membership, you'll have a year of access to the wholesale prices. 

Retail Price: $106.00
Wholesale Price: $79.50
(A $26 price difference)

Pro tip for members:

When you click "customize" on your Vitality Pack Order, you can receive further discounts on other products, like dōTERRA's probiotic called PB Assist+® ($34.50 drops to $20).

Read our post about probiotics here.

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