Take a look at this short video we made to explain high blood sugar to children with Type One Diabetes.

The Thriving with T1D program is comprised of short videos like this one, as well as printable activities, and an area for discussion after each lesson. 

The 5 modules tackle both the physical and emotional hurdles of Type 1 Diabetes. T1D never goes away, but it can become more manageable. We want both you and your child to not only survive this, but thrive.

*learn how emotions affect blood sugar here*


Meet the instructor

Hi, I'm Emily Davis. I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age 7. I have a degree in psychology, and became a certified Holistic health coach to both tackle my RA holistically (I'm in remission!),  and learn more in order to help others find balance in the rollercoaster of chronic illness. 

From both studying people (psychology) and working with people living with chronic illness (coaching), I've learned so much about family dynamics and the power of addressing problems systemically.

Through countless hurdles of my own, and the many sessions I've had with children and teens with Type One Diabetes, I now feel the urgency to help more people navigate diagnosis. If only my parents and I had this kind of knowledge growing up. Don't get me wrong, my parents were absolutely wonderful at managing my diabetes, but there were some definite hard times that could have been made easier. T1D can divide parents and children in an already delicate period of growth. I want to be a bit of a buffer for you, and give your family the tools that help me today. 

T1D can divide parents and children in an already delicate period of growth. I want to be a bit of a buffer for you, and give your family the tools that help me today. 


How does it work?

We've set up our program through Teachable so that we can include video and pdfs all in one convenient place. Upon purchase of our program through the Teachable website, you'll immediately receive your first email linking to module 1 and that week's activities. Each week of the 5-week program begins with an email providing the link to the next video. You will have access to all modules upon purchase, but we feel it is of utmost important to tackle one module per week. Habits are best built over time. Both you and your child will have time to reflect, ask questions, discuss the topics covered, and implement small shifts to your routine in a manageable way. 


Why make videos?

Being mindful of the attention span of children, we chose short, concice, and entertaining videos. Videos combined with the activity book ensure that your child will stay interested, and also retain information.

What are the activities like?

Each module comes with several activities designed to reiterate and embed the information in your child's mind. 



We are so proud and excited to hear great feedback from parents about this program, and to know that we have support from members of JDRF. We're working on getting some interviews up from success stories!

In the meantime, and since this is a relatively new format for my coaching, here are some testimonials from my in-person clients.

No matter how much we’ve read up on diabetes and listened to physicians in the field, it is Emily who has taught our family the intricacies of this complicated and taxing diagnosis in the short time that we’ve known her...

...hands on tips for best injection techniques, insulin advice, and especially the nutritional advice have already proven incredibly helpful.

- The Efinger Family

My daughter has T1D, celiac disease, and many other food allergies. No other family member of ours ever had a chronic illness, and navigating life with a chronically ill child at times can be overwhelming...

...she encourages dialog and allows any frustrations to be heard while offering positive reinforcement.

-The Ryder Family


What's included?

Each week for 5 weeks you'll receive:

  • Email reminder

  • Animated video

  • Written PDF overview

  • Printable activities

  • Discussion topics

Topics covered:

  • Week 1: Disruptors

  • Week 2: Stress

  • Week 3: Routine

  • Week 4: Food

  • Week 5: T1D Proud

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